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Hey, splashy pals in Bellevue, Kirkland, and the greater Seattle area! Are you dreaming of taking a dip in the pool or enjoying a steamy shower but worried about your fabulous eyelash extensions? Well, let’s dive into some good news!💖 In Bellevue’s top Eyelash Extension Salon and across Kirkland, Super Lash, we’re making a splash with the best eyelash extensions that are totally swim and shower-friendly. But wait, there’s a tiny ripple to consider – the mischievous pool water! Those crafty chlorine concoctions can be a bit of a party pooper for the glue holding your lashes ⭐💞❤️. Here’s the deal: regular lash glue and pool water aren’t the best of friends. The chemicals in the pool might make your lash extensions wave goodbye a bit sooner than you’d like. But don’t let that dampen your pool party! ❤️ If you’re a pool addict or a fitness enthusiast who loves a good sweat, just tell your lash technician. We’ve got a secret weapon – special glue for swimming lovers and heavy exercise buffs. This glue is like the superhero of lash adhesives, keeping your extensions in place while you make a splash or hit the gym.❤️ ❤️‍🔥🔥 So, whether it’s a leisurely shower or a cannonball into the pool, with the best eyelash extensions in the Seattle area, you’re all set to make a splash while looking absolutely lash-tastic! 🌊✨👀💦

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