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You should do a little research to help you choose the right place. Mostly you will start to look at studios based on the area where you live. For example, if you search for eyelash extensions services in Bellevue, many eyelash places with lots of information that can be confusing comes up. Here are some criteria that will help you find the best one that matches your needs. Avoid cheap places; especially a home studio where the lash technician is not licensed, they will use poor quality products and their standards are low.
The most important thing in choosing a lash place is your lash health in the long term and your satisfaction. Don’t go to a cheap place!
You should ask what type of fan they use. Pro-made fans or pre-made fans indicates a poorly skilled eyelash technician. Those pre-made fans leave heavy glue on your real lashes and don’t last long. You should choose a place that uses fresh handmade fans. Ask them whether they wash your lashes before applying the eyelash extensions. If they don’t spend the time to clean your lashes, or even clean the pores for you, run away! When you need a refill, ask whether they help you remove outgrown lashes or not. Those outgrown lashes grew inclined and stuck together. Lash technicians should spend the time to help you get rid of those annoying outgrown lashes before filling in new fresh lashes. Do they guarantee their work? You should only go to places that guarantee their work. We, Super Lash, the best eyelash extensions services in Bellevue, offer a free refill within a week if the lashes fall down 40% in the first week. Let’s go have a lash nap with ease and be satisfied! When you wear eyelash extensions for months and then you wish to change styles, but the lash technician seems to be doing the same style for you over and over again, or what if you found a beautiful style on Instagram and would love to try it, but your lash technician doesn’t know how to do it – move on, try a new place. Every eyelash technician has their own skill set and style. Lashing is your own treatment. No more kids, work, duties in the lash studio. You will lie down comfortably on the bed, enjoy soft music and take a lash nap. It’s a rare moment for you to find yourself in peace and it is so enjoyable. Don’t choose a place where you share a room with other clients. Choose a place where there is only you and your technician. Choose a private room only. It’s worth getting your own treat ladies!

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